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Time to gear up for a backyard revival— get your gloves, gather your garden dreams, and let’s dive into creating a slice of paradise in your yard.


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There's no Planet B

We’re committed to sustainable gardening. We believe that every plant we nurture and every product we offer should contribute positively to our planet. From ground up, we offer solutions to help you contribute positivity to our planet. 

Organic Soils

Organic soil is composed primarily of plant material, making it far more adept at cultivating plant life than its non-organic alternatives.

Organic Soil Amendments

Generally includes compost, wood chips, biochar, animal manure, straw, husk, and geotextile.

Native Plants

Native plants are the indigenous plant species that have evolved and occur naturally in your particular region, ecosystem, and habitat. 

Pollinator Plants

Plants that attract birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and other small mammals that are responsible for facilitating pollination.


Workshop Your Plant Know-How

Check out our upcoming workshops at South Valley Garden Center! Limited spots are available. Register and we will confirm your sign up by email prior to class. You must pay in advance to reserve your seat as classes fill quickly. Cancellations must be made 3 days in advance of the class.

Edible Gardens

Workshop Description


Workshop Description

Pollinator Gardens

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Lexi Client

This is our favorite garden center to go to in the area! They always have a wonderful selection and they have the cutest general store inside!

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Shelly Client

Best plant selection and most knowledgeable and courteous garden center staff in the North Carolina High Country!

Samuel Client

The healthiest plants (and Christmas trees) in the High Country! Very large selection and helpful staff. A high country bucket list for sure!

Grow Rewards, Reap the Benefits!

Earn points, redeem rewards… Points are like seeds; given time, they grow into something you harvest!

Join today and start earning points with every purchase.